We’re Freaking Out Over These Delightfully Surreal Holiday Decorations

gohar world little house
The Delightfully Strange Universe of Gohar WorldCourtesy Gohar World

Dries Van Noten has become synonymous with sumptuous, off-kilter luxury for the intellectually inclined. So it’s fitting that the brand’s Los Angeles exhibition space, the Little House, has partnered with Gohar World for the latter’s first physical installation since its founding earlier this year. Sisters Nadia and Laila Gohar had separately developed their own practices in painting and food before creating their shared world—and what a world it is.

gohar world little house
The founders of Gohar World, sisters Nadia and Laila Gohar, at the Little House installation. Daniel Primero

The brand has quickly gained a reputation for cute but twisted tabletop items, irresistible to any aesthete or intellect. The product line is completely unpredictable, making an argument for objects you never knew you needed—black silk bags for your baguettes, lace aprons for your wine bottles to wear, serving plates with a simulacra of beans littering their surface, egg chandeliers to trump any traditional centerpiece, and the most ladylike rubber dishwashing gloves you’ve ever seen. Each item designed by these talented sisters requires you to reconsider the idea of what is essential.

gohar world little house
A view of the surrealist installation, which includes plates with trompe l’oeil beans, sausage-shaped candles, and a silk sheath for your baguette. Daniel Primero

For their subversive installation at Little House, the sisters arranged a selection of items from their latest Holiday II collection, shoppable through January 2. The space, as the name suggests, is intimate, while the Gohar vision is a master class in stylish deception, with vibrant trompe l’oeil decorations, color-blocked table coverings, classic stacked glassware, and candles in treat form—all that’s missing are the enigmatic dinner guests.

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