Fox News Host Claims Democrats Want the Southern Border Open to ‘Import’ Voters

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Fox News
Fox News

Fox News weekend show host Mark Levin claimed Thursday that Democrats are “obviously” trying to “import as many Democrats as they can” through the southern border by virtue of their immigration stances.

During a week in which attention has centered on the racist Great Replacement conspiarcy theory cited by the white supremacist murderer who targeted Black people in Buffalo, hosts like Tucker Carlson have downplayed the connection between their rhetoric and his attack.

On Tuesday, Carlson insisted – despite having espoused the theory more than 400 times – that “we are still not sure exactly what it is,” and then claimed it is actually “coming from the left.” On Thursday, he claimed that the Buffalo shooter was not motivated by “hateful right-wing rhetoric,” but rather mental illness. (It is not publicly known if he has a mental illness.)

In the following hour of primetime Fox programming, host Sean Hannity gave the floor to Mark Levin, who proceeded to unleash an apocalyptic diatribe about what seemed like every hot-button issue.

“Joe Biden is a one-man wrecking ball and he’s taken his idiocy to the economy,” Levin whined early on. “You are living in the United States of the Democrat Party,” he continued, building up steam. “They control all of the elected branches of government. You are seeing what it’s like. You are seeing what their promises are like when they are actually put into action. Why is the southern border open? Why is it open like this? What is their purpose? Obviously to import as many Democrats as they possibly can.”

Hannity didn’t interject at that point, or at any point in Levin’s hyperbolic rant about how “If we don’t crush this opposition, if we don’t win in 2024, America is gone…This is a choice about whether you love America or hate America.”

Hannity’s complacency about Levin’s claims came hours after Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner dismissed a guest who called out the network for serving as a platform for the racist theory.

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