Fox Dealer Develops Pre-Order Portal For All-New Chevrolet Silverado EV Through Strategic Partnership With General Motors Canada

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Easy-To-Use System Accessible Through Dealers

PASADENA, Calif., Jan. 27, 2022 /CNW/ -- Fox Dealer today announced that a portal it has developed for General Motors Canada to facilitate pre-orders for the all-new Chevrolet Silverado EV is generating substantial activity among customers. The websites launched immediately after CEO Mary Barra unveiled the impressive all-electric Chevrolet Silverado during her keynote address at the CES technology show.

Developed through a strategic partnership between Fox Dealer and General Motors Canada, the bespoke platform is accessible to all Canadian truck buyers. The all-new eCommerce system provides new truck buyers with an opportunity to reserve their Silverado EV through an easy-to-use, fully customized credit card deposit / reservation program.

Offered in both French and English from the Chevrolet Canada website, the "eCommerce Reservation Experience" allows customers to reserve their ideal Silverado EV and instantly place a deposit directly with their preferred dealer. The confirmed reservation places customers with first-in-line status as the initial delivery of Silverado EVs reach Chevrolet dealerships, or places customers on a wait list for future model years.

In addition to allowing customers to reserve their Silverado EV from the Chevrolet Canada reservation website, the portal provides participating Canada-based Chevrolet dealers with the opportunity to deep link their website visitors with their dealership pre-populated in the form on Chevrolet Canada reservation website and collect reservations.

"This launch positions Fox Dealer with the automotive industry well beyond that of a dealer website developer," said Fox Dealer Chief Executive Officer GianCarlo Alabastro. "From design, product, project management, engineering and support, this Fox Dealer-developed fully integrated pre-ordering system provides us with a template that can be applied for virtually any new vehicle launch. We're honored that General Motors Canada partnered with us to support this exciting new chapter of online vehicle purchasing for their retailers."

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