Fox Business Host Drops Hard Truths In Trump-Bashing Segment

Fox Business host Stuart Varney has again gone after Donald Trump for dragging down the Republican Party.

Varney ― a former Trump ally who once insisted the then-president had never told the American people a lie ― devoted a segment Tuesday to criticizing Trump for backing dud candidates in the recent midterms. He also took issue with Trump’s attempt to take back remarks he made over the weekend calling for parts of the Constitution to be terminated to accommodate his desire to be re-installed as president.

“He was talking about terminating parts of the Constitution. That plays right into the Democrats’ hands,” Varney said. “He’s trying to walk it back today but the damage has been done.”

Varney also said Trump “appears to be losing what used to be his iron grip on the GOP,” noting candidates he endorsed in key midterm races in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania had all lost.

And with Georgians voting Tuesday for the runoff election between Republican Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock (D), Varney noted that there is a lot at stake: “More than just the balance of power in the Senate. It’s about the state of the Republican Party and Trump’s role in it.”

Varney predicted Trump would not take responsibility for the outcome unless it was favorable.

“If Walker wins, Trump will take all the credit, guaranteed. If Walker loses, Trump will blame Walker for not inviting Trump into the state,” he said.

To cap it off, Varney quoted from a Wall Street Journal editorial that warned Republicans they’ll effectively be “terminating” the GOP should they choose Trump as their nominee for president in 2024.

Varney has repeatedly criticized Trump in recent weeks. After Trump announced his intention to run in 2024, Varney said the speech lacked some of the “old magic.” He has also accused Trump of “dragging the Republican Party into the mud” with his attacks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, his potential rival for the party’s nomination.

The host’s segment comes amid reports that Rupert Murdoch and news organizations in his right-wing media empire are backing away from Trump and turning instead to DeSantis in 2024. While Trump still has allies and former surrogates at Fox News, he’s increasingly attracted friendly fire from Murdoch-owned media, including the New York Post, Fox networks and, in particular, the Wall Street Journal.