Four Dallas restaurants, one with roaches, to undergo follow-up inspections

Four Dallas restaurants will have to undergo follow-ups after inspectors found health care violations in the businesses, according to data from the county compiled by the Star-Telegram.

Inspectors visited 136 restaurants between Jan. 8 and Jan. 14, finding most to be at least acceptable but finding cockroaches and evidence of pests at two and problems worthy of follow-ups at four.

Dallas restaurants are scored on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being perfect:

  • 100-90 (Very Good - Regular 6 month inspection)

  • 89-80 (Good - Regular 6 month inspection)

  • 79-70 (Passing - Requires re-inspection within 30 days)

  • 69-60 (Failing - Requires follow-up inspection within 10 days or closure)

  • 59 and below (Unacceptable - Closure; requires inspection before reopening)

The four restaurants that needed reinspection were Tacos Al 100 with a score of 70, Bengal Food Store with a score of 71, Goodluck Chicken and Seafood with a score of 73, and Sheger Ethiopian Grocery with a score of 76.

At Sheger Ethiopian Grocery, inspectors said they found German roaches on the walls. At the Las Huastecas at 4816 Gaston Ave., inspectors said they found evidence of pests in the restaurant.

At the Smoothie King at 5235 Lovers Lane, inspectors noted mold in the ice machine.

Inspectors awarded perfect scores to 10 restaurants.

Here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within the city limits of Dallas for Jan. 8th - Jan. 14th, 2023. A score of 100 is a perfect score and 70 is considered to be extremely poor. Scores below 80 require a re-inspection, and below 60 require closure and inspection before reopening. To search the restaurant inspections, type in a keyword or restaurant name. You can also sort by score.