How the Founder of THN News Sahil Kashyap Inspiring Youth?

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." - Colin R. Davis

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Do you have a dream but don't know where to start?

What if this is what you were waiting for?

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Almost everyone in the world uses the internet today but not everyone is using it wisely enough. With everything going digital, one of the most evolving careers today is Digital Marketing. So how to start your journey as a digital marketer?

If you are still wondering, here's the success story of a man who did it from the scratch.

Sahil Kashyap is a well-known personality in the field of digital marketing. Having been in this field since 2017, he has all the expertise you need on digital marketing. Sahil Kashyap is the author of The Myths of Digital Marketingbook. He wrote the book intending to educate and guide people who want to start their career as a digital marketer. In this book, he talks about his struggles and the many obstacles he faced in his life before achieving success. If you want to know more about digital marketing this book is for you, this book is available on Amazon.

In 2019, he started his first website THN News for covering latest news related to tech, business, lifestyle etc. Around the same time, they covered the Delhi election 2020. And just when they were doing well with the THN News, Covid-19 turned their worlds upside down. They had to shut down everything. Sahil Kashyap lost everything including his job, his team, and all of his savings with no hope of survival. His life had suddenly turned chaotic like the most. He had lost all the motivation and was clueless about where to start again.

But with his resilience and dedication, he got through the hardships and came back stronger. In June 2020 he wrote his first book “The Myths of Digital Marketing” book. Sahil Kashyap got all the attention and praises he deserved through his book. After getting good feedback on the book he felt uplifted to keep doing and sharing what he loves. He then immediately started working on his website again and continues to motivate others. He quotes, "Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences. 2020 was a testament to my strength and courage. Having to lose everything I had and starting it again from the scratch was not easy but it made me do things I never thought I could. 2020 was indeed a blessing in disguise for me"

The Myths of Digital Marketing Book Cover

What was the inspiration behind writing a book on digital marketing himself?

If you haven't faced the problem you can't find a solution to it. Just like many, Sahil Kashyap did a digital marketing course to understand it's art. He observed that people asked many questions from the teachers about digital marketing but didn’t get the right response even after paying the hefty amount for it. He could relate to the people because he had faced the same and worse.

When he did the digital marketing course he didn’t get the right guidance as well. Many couldn't even afford to pay for a course let alone learn about it. So, he decided to write a book which could help amateurs and solve their queries or at least give them an edge.

Anyone who wants to learn and wants to grasp what digital marketing is, without joining any course, can go through the book. The book will teach you the know-how of digital marketing.

Sahil Kashyap didn't stop at this. He has been teaching ‘Digital Marketing’ to many without charging any fee. This generous effort is sincerely being made for those who can’t afford the expenses of Digital Marketing courses but have a vision and passion for their dreams.

A line from his book perfectly defines the spirit of a digital marketer, “If you have a goal of being a digital marketer, go with it. No one can stop you from success except yourself”. His motto in life is to learn, apply and share the knowledge with others.

Nothing comes easy. Failure teaches you what success never will. And success will taste sweeter only after some bitter experiences. Life demands you to taste them both. "But remember, when it feels like you can't do it anymore, do it just one more time", Sahil Kashyap said.

Hope you take inspiration from Sahil Kashyap the founder of THN News and become a success story for the new age!!
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