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'Forza Motorsport' arrives later this year on Xbox Series X/S, PC and Game Pass

Microsoft previously announced Turn 10 Studios was aiming for a spring release.

Turn 10 / Microsoft

Forza Motorsport, the eighth mainline entry in Turn 10 Studios' long-running simulation racing series, will arrive later this year, the developer announced during Microsoft and Bethesda's Developer Direct showcase. The release date constitutes something of a delay, as Microsoft announced last June it would release the game in the spring of this year. Moreover, if you were hoping to play the game on an Xbox One console, you'll need to turn to the company's Xbox Game Pass service to do so; Microsoft plans to release Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam.

On Wednesday, Turn 10 promised Forza Motorsport would take full advantage of the latest Xbox and PC hardware to deliver the franchise's most immersive racing experience yet. The game will feature more than 500 cars for players to collect, including 100 vehicles that are new to the series. To make those cars look their best, Turn 10 used a spectrophotometer to scan the paint jobs of the cars featured in the game. "With this new sourcing technique, our paint models have a more realistic light response across colors, metal flake and gloss levels," the studio said in a blog post published after the showcase. Each car will now also feature context-aware damage and dirt buildup that Turn 10 says is "authentic and unique" to each vehicle.

During the showcase, the studio showed off Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in South Africa, one of the five new racing tracks featured in the game. With the help of photogrammetry and laser-scanned images, Team 10 says the environments in Forza Motorsport feature 10 times more realistic detail than past entries in the series. With the addition of dynamic time of day and weather simulation, Turn 10 says fans can expect no two laps around a track to look or play the same.

Expect Microsoft to share more details about Forza Motorsport later this year.