Will Forte Goes Full 'QAnon Shaman' In 'MacGruber' Sketch On 'SNL'

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Saturday Night Live” alum and host Will Forte pulled out the political stops in a series of sketches based on his action-comedy films and TV series parody character “MacGruber.”

He full-on converted in the last bit to the “QAnon shaman” of the Jan. 6 insurrection, and refused to do his job to defuse a bomb.

“So these Hollywood celebrities are eating babies. They devour them! They’re insatiable,” MacGruber explains to sidekicks Vicki St. Elmo, played by Kristen Wiig, and Ryan Phillippe’s Dixon Piper.

The complete transformation followed two earlier “episodes” as MacGruber reveals himself to be a foe of both COVID-19 vaccines and masks to protect against the disease. (He wears a mask, but with a hole cut around his mouth and nose.)

Vicki and Piper again desperately remind shaman MacGruber of the ticking time bomb — and Piper accuses him of being brainwashed.

MacGruber fires back: “I’m just your average American, who believes in limited government, my body, my choice — for men — and suppressed voting rights for alternatively skinned people.”

He adds: “I’m just a shaman. All I can do is pray for you, take up arms against you, and keep the oath I took to protect this country because I am an oath keeper, and boy, am I proud of that — which I guess makes me a proud boy.”

Bomb explodes.

Wiig, another “SNL” alum, popped up earlier during Forte’s monologue. The MacGruber sketches — spoofs of the action TV series “MacGyver” — were first launched on “Saturday Night Live.”

“SNL” creator Lorne Michaels and actor Willem Dafoe also turned up for the monologue. Michaels told Forte he had made a mistake, and that Willem, not Will, was supposed to be hosting. (Dafoe is actually next week’s host.)

It was Forte’s first time hosting “SNL.” He last appeared on the program in 2012.

Check out MacGruber’s transformation in the clips up top. Forte’s monologue can be seen here:

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