Formula 1's Las Vegas Grand Prix Is Already Being Sued

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Formula 1's Vegas Grand Prix Already Being SuedIcon Sportswire - Getty Images

A pair of Nevada law firms have brought a class action lawsuit against the organizers of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The suit has been filed on behalf of 35,000 ticketed fans who saw just eight minutes of a practice session canceled due to track issues, were kicked out of the venue before a delayed second practice session began, and, were not offered a refund or an apology for their troubles.

The two firms, Dinopoulos Law Firm and JK Legal & Consulting, filed the suit in a Nevada court on Friday. The suit, which names Liberty Media Corporation doing business as Formula One Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix and TAB Contractors, Inc. as defendants, accuses organizers of deceptive trade practices, breach of contract, and negligence. With the race still hours away, the quickly-filed case means that the event is now being sued on behalf of attendees while it is still happening.

Fans who attended Thursday's running would have seen just eight minutes of warm-up lapping in an 8:30 PM session before Carlos Sainz Jr.'s collision with an unsecured drainage cover ended the practice early. While practice 2 was initially scheduled for midnight local time, the session's delay was not actually announced until 11 PM. That delay eventually dragged on until 2:30 AM, and paying fans who were in attendance were not informed that they would not be allowed to stay for the session until they were asked to leave at 1:30 AM.

In total, that means a fan who arrived for the session at 7:30 PM would have been at the track for six hours and only been told that they would not be allowed to watch the cars complete a practice session once they were kicked out in the middle of the night. Attendees who paid for only Thursday tickets, the most affordable option to see cars in one of the most expensive racing weekends for fans ever, were offered only a $200 voucher to the event's online shop. Fans who paid for three-day tickets were not even offered that.

Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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