Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales says 'the truth hasn't surfaced' in interview days before court appearance

Luis Rubiales has said the "truth hasn't surfaced" relating to the kiss that overshadowed Spain's World Cup triumph, thrust him into the spotlight and cost him his job.

The former Spanish FA president is due to testify in court this Friday over his allegedly unsolicited kiss on the lips of Spanish forward Jenni Hermoso.

Mr Rubiales, who was suspended by football's governing body FIFA over the kiss, said in a translated interview on TalkTV's Piers Morgan Uncensored that he had "full faith the truth [would] come out and [that] everything will be fine" before his court appearance.

He added: "I am a good guy, look at me in the eyes."

The 80-minute interview covered a timeline of events starting with the incident itself to his resignation where he couldn't "continue [his] work".

Speaking about the kiss, the 46-year-old said his actions were not of a president, repeatedly saying he "made a mistake".

Rubiales attributed the kiss to "great joy" without "sexual connotation" and referred to it as a "mutual act" - words reflected in his defiant stance when he was still president.

Hermoso has repeatedly said the kiss was not consensual revealing afterwards that she "didn't like it".

She filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office last week.

Rubiales would not directly apologise to the footballer in the interview despite being pressed a few times by Morgan, instead insisting he needed to "defend the stance [he took] since the very first day... on an act both consented to".

"What is left is me to defend my dignity," Rubiales added.

He had accused Hermoso of lying about the kiss, pointing to the forward lifting him off the ground first.

The father of three daughters was asked of his reaction should one of his children hypothetically win the World Cup and was treated in a similar manner, to which Rubiales said "irrespective of who the father is and daughter is, two consenting adults in a moment that was mutual".

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'Normal in our country'

Rubiales told Morgan he had a quick conversation with Hermoso before the kiss then proceeded to give her "a quick peck ... which is normal in our country".

He added: "I think Latin people have that tactile [nature]. It's just normal to that level of excitement and happiness that we felt during that final."

He said if the Spanish men's team had won the trophy there would be "no doubt about it" - he would have kissed them too, citing moments during his footballing days where "pecks on the lips" were given when relegation was avoided or promotion achieved.

Widespread condemnation

The furore following the incident was widespread, with calls for Rubiales' resignation, including from Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz, and male and female Spanish national team players announcing they would boycott matches.

England's Lionesses who were defeated in the final also condemned the situation.

The ex-Spanish football chief would "not comment on third parties", saying: "I don't want any more wars here."

He also didn't comment on Woody Allen - also tied to allegations of sexual abuse - who reportedly defended him.

On his 90-day suspension by FIFA two weeks ago, Rubiales "objectively" believed it was "wrong" saying it was a "quick decision" without allowing him to defend himself.

The Spanish women's football team coach Jorge Vilda, who Rubiales defended in the interview, was sacked in wake of the controversy.

Rubiales also briefly spoke about his mother, who locked herself in church and went on hunger strike for her son.

Meanwhile, Hermoso received an emotional welcome back to her Mexican club Pachuca on Monday, hours after Rubiales' resignation.

It was the first time the attacking midfielder has played since lifting the World Cup trophy on 20 August.