Former Pixar Animator Colin Brady Launches Bunny-based IP Via AMGI Studios

Colin Brady, a former animator who worked at Pixar, has launched his first IP with animation shingle AMGI Studios, where he is chief creative officer.

The project, My Pet Hooligan, a free-to-play multiplayer action bunny fighter set in a dystopian environment, is available exclusively through the Epic Games store.

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A blend of Hollywood-like animation technology, physics-based mechanics, and a team deathmatch-style shooter featuring a roster of diverse playable rabbits, Hooligan is the first project of AMGI, which has developed a proprietary animation technology that allows any artist or studio to create Pixar-like animations.

In addition to Pixar, Brady’s previous gigs include stints at Imagi, Lumenas, Lightchaser and Pixomondo. At Pixar, he worked on stalwarts “Toy Story,” “A Bug’s Live” and “Toy Story 2.” His other projects include “Lemony Snicket,” “Astro Boy” and “Hugo.” He helped found AMGI in 2019.

“My Pet Hooligan merges Disney-style animation with proprietary technology in a Fortnite-style platform,” said Brady. ‘Our lively community rallies behind freedom-fighting rabbits using quirky weapons battling MetaZuckBot’s oppression. Along with battle games, players can customize and chat in social arenas like theaters, karaoke bars and malls.”

In addition to being available on the Epic Games Store, AMGI has signed a 12-month collaboration with Amazon’s Prime Gaming, which will offer exclusive content drops monthly for Prime members.

“We put storytelling and animation first to create highly engaging gameplay,” said AMGI Studios COO Luke Paglia. “Some might like to skate around the city finding digital collectibles and destroying ZuckBots, while others will battle it out in Coinpocalypse or Team Anarchy — and that is perfectly fine with us. Having partners like Amazon Prime Gaming and Epic Games supporting us allows us to launch the game in a way that focuses solely on the gameplay and enriches the gamer experience.”

AMGI Studios’ mission is to bridge the gap between gaming and traditional entertainment, and to use innovative technology to create high-quality animations in real time. The shop’s proprietary characters will be driven by AI in future releases of “Hooligan.”

Talks are planned with publishers and studios for IP deals based on the game.

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