Former NFL kicker turned analyst thought badly missed field goal was good

Blake Schuster
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Jay Feely is much better at kicking field goals than describing them. (Getty Images)

Jay Feely needs some binoculars. Or new glasses. Or he just needs to open his eyes.

In the middle of calling Eastern Michigan‘s game against Toledo on Saturday, Feely seemingly had an out-of-body experience as the play on the field was vastly differed from what he was describing.

Eastern Michigan kicker Paul Fricano lined up for a 50-yard field goal attempt in the first quarter and missed rather badly to the right. That’s fine. It was a tough kick that not many college athletes could nail. Except Feely was up in the booth and apparently saw a much different outcome of that play.

Listen for yourself.

What on Earth are you talking about Feely? Are you watching the game?

Even if you want to claim that his view from the press box might not have been conducive to seeing how the kick turned out, there are various ways he could’ve known it didn’t go through the uprights.

For starters, his play-by-play man, Ben Holden, stated that Fricano was six of seven on the year, then corrected himself to say he’s now six of eight. Both referees would’ve also signaled if the kick was good. Points would’ve been added to the scoreboard, too. And it’s safe to assume Fricano’s teammates would’ve been going wild around him had he made a 50-yard attempt.

This ball did not go off the crossbar. This ball was nowhere near the crossbar.

Feely kicked in the NFL for 14 seasons with an 82 percent success rate. This part of his broadcasting career should be easy for him.

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