Former Michigan player apologizes for threatening Jim Harbaugh online

Elysee Mbem-Bosse says he was kicked off the Michigan football team in November without explanation. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Former Michigan linebacker Elysee Mbem-Bosse apologized Sunday for a series of tweets that included threats toward UM head coach Jim Harbaugh.

In a message posted on Twitter, Mbem-Bosse said he was kicked off the team in November “with no explanation” and his efforts to communicate with officials at the school have been rebuffed. He said he takes full responsibility and apologizes for tweets that included references to Michigan’s open-carry law and “calling the morgue,” among others.

Here is Mbem-Bosse’s message in its entirety:

“(In) the midst of everything going on in this country, this situation has been very hard on me mentally, physically, and emotionally. In November I was kicked off the team at Michigan with no explanation why with no timetable for return. With a family depending on me and the game I love being taken away, I constantly made efforts to get in contact with the university to talk about my role with the program. After numerous attempts, I was (given) multiple people to contact and nobody returned my calls.

“I take full responsibility for the tweets I made regarding the safety of Coach Harbaugh which I fully apologize for but being harassed by the university police and being told I’m mentally ill without proper evaluation is against my civil rights …. At the end of the day I want to play football!”

After Mbem-Bosse sent out the tweets last week, University of Michigan police launched an investigation. According to, police said the situation will continue to be assessed and evaluated.

Harbaugh told the Detroit News that the situation was a “serious matter” and that he was “confident” the school “will take the proper steps” to deal with it.

UM athletic director Warde Manuel expressed concern for Mbem-Bosse’s well-being.

From the Detroit News:

Speaking with reporters Wednesday in Ann Arbor, athletic director Warde Manuel said the athletic department has reached out to Mbem-Bosse since the situation began. He also expressed concern for both the threatening tweets and the well-being of the student — who, to his knowledge, is still enrolled at Michigan.

“Won’t comment on any of the pending investigation,” Manuel said. “Always concerned with anything that pops up about a threat and also concerned about him and where he is as a student. We care about all of the student-athletes we have, whether or not they are on the team currently or not. And so, both concerned on all ends. We’re working on it, everybody in the university that needs to be around this to try to resolve it. We’ll continue to do that.”

Mbem-Bosse, a native of Georgia, appeared in seven games as a freshman in 2016 and four games as a sophomore in 2017. The last game he played for the Wolverines was against Maryland on Nov. 11.

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