Former 'Laguna Beach' star Kristin Cavallari is returning to reality television, only minus a lot of the reality

Kristin Cavallari, 31, has gone from Laguna Beach to Chicago to Nashville as her family has grown to five people, and now, the veteran reality star is re-entering your living room with a new show.

The show will focus on her jewelry line, but the mom of three, who first arrived on the scene as a teenager by the pool in “Laguna Beach,” will abstain from featuring her hunky husband, the Miami Dolphins quarterback, Jay Cutler, and their three babes.

“I’m all for this show, I’m all for focusing on her fashion line, but if you’re not going to show your husband, and you’re not going to show your kids, like your fashion line can’t be that interesting, so you should just give us a little bit more,” says Jackie Oshry of The Morning Breath.

While TMZ reports that the E! reality show will focus on Cavallari’s life in Nashville, we’re left perplexed. A huge part of her life is as mother to her sons Camden and Jaxon, and her daughter, Saylor. Now that she has sworn off letting any of her kids appear onscreen, fans are left yearning for a real peek at Cavallari’s life. But then again, it’s not a problem to figure out which Nashville footballing family dominates the E! network: Jessie James and Eric Decker’s adorable brood.

If only the Cutler clan could take a cue from the Deckers and expose the fam to a little screen time. “They’re perfect for each other, because he’s a little ugly, she’s literally gorgeous, like the most beautiful woman who ever existed, and he’s — so I heard — one of the best football players who ever existed of our time,” adds Claudia Oshry. “They just balance each other out. They’re perfect for each other.”

Time will tell whether Cavallari can hold an audience with her jewelry alone.

“We need more,” says Claudia.