Former Jayhawk Earl Bostick has seen great change in Lawrence. Pro day was latest case

As former Kansas offensive lineman Earl Bostick Jr. walked into the Anderson Family Complex, he finally felt at home.

Bostick returned to Lawrence for KU football Pro Day on Friday along with seven other Jayhawks: Zion DeBose, Sam Burt, Malcolm Lee, Lorenzo McCaskill, Lonnie Phelps, Caleb Sampson and Eddie Wilson.

Since KU’s season ended, Bostick has trained in Fort Worth.

“Being back in Kansas gave me great spirits,” Bostick told The Star. “Seeing everything, getting back to my natural habitat, getting a ride with old teammates and all that stuff feels great.”

According to coach Lance Leipold, Kansas had every NFL team, but one, in attendance for this year’s pro day. Last year, that number was in the low 20s.

Bostick couldn’t help but admire the number of teams in attendance. That certainly wasn’t the case when he joined the program in 2017.

“I’ve been here since the 2017 season, seeing how there (were) not many (scouts),” Bostick said, comparing it to how a JUCO pro day might look. “Now it turns around to everybody coming here watching, seeing like the progress and seeing how Lance has changed this place around with his staff and all.

“It’s been a blessing in disguise that I’ve been a part of for two years and seeing that change. Now, seeing more change in the locker room, weight room, field … in the crowd, it’s a blessing.”

Phelps believes the number of teams present indicates that KU has future pros in the facility now and in the coming years.

“It’s going to be kids coming in; people (will) already see the progress and the brick that I laid,” Phelps said. “I’m just hoping my guys keep capitalizing off it.”

Bostick shared a similar sentiment.

“It still feels unbelievable,” Bostick said on being there. “For me, it’s just like being a figure for future generations here at KU. Showing them if you put your mindset … and go through your journey … you will fulfill your goals that you have if you just keep your head down and be humble with everything. It will just all unfold in your path.”

Kansas offensive lineman Earl Bostick, Jr. (OL08) during the NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 5, 2023.
Kansas offensive lineman Earl Bostick, Jr. (OL08) during the NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 5, 2023.

Last season, Bostick tried to remind his younger teammates about the adversity he had to go through early in his career. That included three positional changes, three head coaches and too many position coaches to count.

Now, he’s had over 20 teams speak informally to him at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine and Senior Bowl.

Bostick said attending the combine was surreal because he grew up watching it on TV — hoping and wishing it would be him one day.

Like the combine, the pro day is another big day for the left tackle.

Many of Bostick’s past teammates attended Friday, watching him fulfill another part of his dream.

“Just having them boys out here showing them … (to) chase your dreams,” Bostick said. “Them being out here gives them the motivation to compete more and more each and every day.”

Bostick was pleased with his performance at the combine and pro day, but he feels he can get even better.

“I showed them (teams) I am top 10 and everything — for just the agility and stuff,” Bostick said. “There’s still more improvement for that stuff, too …. Showing them that (I) put everything on tape. Putting everything in front of them, showing them my speed and agility.”