Former 'Idol' winner reunites with Paula Abdul after being eliminated on 'Masked Dancer'

On The Masked Dancer Wednesday night, the top five took the stage – the Tulip, the Zebra, the Sloth, the Cotton Candy, and the Exotic Bird, the latter of whom didn't have enough votes to fly through to the semifinals. So, who was the Exotic Bird? Grammy-nominated singer Jordin Sparks, who is still the youngest person to ever win American Idol. The Season 6 Idol champ couldn't trick panelist and former Idol judge Paula Abdul.

As the Masked Dancer panel’s most astute vibeologist, she’d guessed that the Exotic Bird was the “magnificent and incredible” Jordin several weeks ago. “They told me that you were gonna be on here, and I was like, ‘Paula knows me! She knows!’ You know how I am onstage and all of that stuff," laughed Jordin. “And I love you so much. So I was like, ‘She's going to know it's me.’”

However, Paula was pleasantly surprised by Jordin’s sweet tribute to the woman Jordin declared “one of my own idols”: a routine to Paula’s own hit “Opposites Attract."

“I’m sure that was pretty nerve-wracking, dancing to my song, but you absolutely nailed it,” said a delighted Paula, who was always the nicest and most encouraging of the three original American Idol judges.