Former Gov. John Kasich and Daily Show 's Jordan Klepper Launch Podcast: 'It's Going to Be About Life'

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John Kasich, Jordan Klepper
John Kasich, Jordan Klepper

Randy Holmes via Getty Images; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images John Kasich (left), Jordan Klepper

Former Ohio governor and presidential candidate John Kasich is teaming up with The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper for a new podcast which promises to explore the country's "biggest cultural conversations with optimism" and understanding.

And, of course, a little humor.

Kasich & Klepper — premiering Jan. 27 — will explore politics and pop culture. In addition to including conversations from the two hosts, guests like actress Sophia Bush, who will be on the first episode, will also be featured.

"We have a new podcast together called Kasich & Klepper, from Acast and Treefort Media," the 69-year-old former governor says in a trailer for the podcast (listen below).

"Okay, why is Kasich first?" Klepper, 42, asks

"Well, first of all, it's alphabetical — 'A' before 'L', " Kasich jokes. "And I ran a whole state once, too, by the way."

"You ran a mid-size state, to be clear," Klepper teases back.

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"You know, a lot of people are going to think, 'Well, this is going to be about politics.' No, it's not. It's going to be about life," Kasich says.

As the two say in the trailer, their new podcast will explore more than partisanship — though that's likely to be a hot topic, particularly as it relates to their own political differences.

Kasich, a lifelong Republican, ran in the GOP presidential primary in 2016 but later voiced his support for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, while Klepper is best-known for his viral takedowns of Trump supporters on the Comedy Central series.

"We're not just the 'R' or the 'D' next to our names," Klepper says in the trailer.

"We have so much more in common than we have that divides us," he continues. "Particularly if we open our minds, we can all learn from each others. It seems as though, more and more in the country, if you don't think the way I do or I don't think the way you do, we should cancel each other out."

John Kasich, Jordan Klepper
John Kasich, Jordan Klepper

Teefort Media Kasich & lepper

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As Klepper quips in the trailer, the two will also discuss their personal lives: "I might ask for fatherly advice, like how do you raise a child who won't become a Republican?"

The two will also discuss the books they're reading, the music they listen to and speak to guests that range from "big stars" to experts in their respective fields.

New episodes of Kasich & Klepper will air every Thursday, wherever podcasts are available.

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