Former Cricketer Impressed With Captain Rishabh Pant, Says He is 'One for The Future'

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For Rishabh Pant, IPL 2021 will be a special edition. For, this is the first time in his life that he took over the role of a captain and excelled in it. By the time the tournament happened, Pant was getting into his own. He had led India to victory at Brisbane and then his scintillating hundred against England at Motera impressed everyone. Now, he got the biggest backing from one of the greats of the game. Sunil Gavaskar has said that Pant ‘showed a spark’ as far as leadership skills are concerned.

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‘One for the Future’

“The standout team Delhi Capitals under young Rishabh Pant. By the sixth game, one could see that he was getting tired of being asked about being captain. Every presenter at the post-game ceremony had the same question to him. What he showed was a spark that can become a roaring fire if allowed to burn naturally. Yes, he will make mistakes; which captain doesn’t?” Gavaskar wrote in his column for Sportstar.

“But like he showed in the few games in the IPL that he is clever enough to learn and his usual street-smart savvy meant he was on top of most situations and was finding his own method to get out of sticky ones. He is one for the future, no doubt about it. That’s because he has shown that talent can meet opportunity only when it walks hand in hand with temperament,” he added.

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Pant The Good Samaritan

Pant who is now locked up in his room is trying to stay fit.Pant who usually has fun on the field is a good samaritan as well. He recently donated an undisclosed amount of money for procuring Oxygen cylinders for Covid-19 patients.“I am supporting the Hemkunt Foundation through a monetary donation that will help provide O2 Cylinders with Beds, kits and much more to the suffering across the country,” I am especially keen to work with organisations providing medical aid and support to rural India and non-metro cities which do not have the capacity of the medical infrastructure of the major cities,” he wrote on Twitter.

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