Former Colorado quarterback thinks Buffaloes will be re-joining the Big 12 Conference

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The Pac-12 Conference is doing damage control following the stinging and unexpected departures of UCLA and Southern California to the Big Ten, starting in 2024.

There has been a report of the Pac-12 and ACC possibly forming a “loose partnership” that could include a title game between the conference champions in Las Vegas, as CBS Sports reported.

The Pac-12 announced it was going to begin negotiations for its media rights and there also are multiple reports of talks about a broadcast alliance with the ACC.

Former Colorado quarterback Joel Klatt has not been impressed.

“Those are all like, really, spaghetti at the wall things,” Klatt, who is now a Fox Sports analyst, told BuffZone. “That, to me, views as flailing.”

When asked about Colorado’s future, Klatt said he expects the school will return to the conference it left in 2011.

“I think that Colorado ends up in the Big 12,” Klatt said.

That wouldn’t be a total shock. A CBS Sports report said the Big 12 was actively trying to add the Pac-12’s so-called four corner schools: Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado.

Klatt, who was the Buffs’ starting quarterback from 2003-’05, sees the Big 12 as being more stable than the ACC and Pac-12, in part because it’s highest-profile members (Oklahoma and Texas) already announced they’re leaving for the SEC.

“I think that keeping the Pac-12 afloat is a fool’s errand,” Klatt told “Whether it’s the Pac-12 absorbing the Big 12, or the Big 12 absorbing the Pac-12, or the three of them – the ACC, Big 12 and the Pac-12 – making two conferences.

“It’s going to four, max (in FBS): Two that are going to rule the whole thing and two that are going to be left behind.”

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