Former Chiefs player says Bills’ Von Miller wasn’t offside in this video breakdown

Much like quarterback Patrick Mahomes, some Chiefs fans were hot Sunday following the Bills’ 20-17 win at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

Mahomes was not pleased with a penalty called on wide receiver Kadarius Toney that negated an electric Chiefs touchdown. Toney lined up offsides and was flagged for it.

Those Chiefs fans think Bills linebacker Von Miller should have been penalized for the same thing a short time later. Take a look at this video of the penultimate play of the game for the Chiefs.

Former Chiefs offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz defended the officials, saying Miller wasn’t really in the neutral zone.

“Let’s talk about this play,” Schwartz said in a video shared on X. “It’s deceiving because as you can see here, the ball is not at the blue line. The ball is behind the blue line. So we’re not basing Von off of this blue line. And again, this isn’t the right angle because the current angle has him looking like he’s offsides. He’s not offsides. He’s onside currently.

“So if you actually look at it and you go super slow, what Von does is he drops down as opposed to going forward, which is his kind of trigger. So he drops down, we’re going really slow, right? He hasn’t really changed. He hasn’t gone forward at all. And right there, Creed (Humphrey) starts to snap the ball, right there. And ... Von’s not offsides. He’s right over the blue line and as we’ve established, the ball is not at the blue line, the ball is behind the blue line. So no, this is not offsides.”

Apparently quite a few fans disagreed with Schwartz, because shortly after posting the video he planned to log off X, saying the fanbase was “officially toxic on here.”