A former catwalk model shares 4 body-language tricks to look more confident. She says confidence is the best accessory.

A former catwalk model shares 4 body-language tricks to look more confident. She says confidence is the best accessory.
  • Olga Kuznetcova is an ex-model who's now a confidence coach in New York City.

  • She says body language is the key to looking confident.

  • Kuznetcova teaches classes to show women how to move with confidence.

Olga Kuznetcova is a former model who's now a confidence coach in New York City.

After moving to New York in 2016 from Solikamsk — a small town in Russia — Kuznetcova began her modeling career in America, walking in fashion shows and teaching at a children's modeling school where she would coach teenagers and young girls on runway walking.

There, she learned the tricks of the trade that she now uses in her confidence classes.

After completing a one-year coaching course at Columbia University, she began coaching female clients on how to progress their careers through goal setting, planning, and innovative thinking. But something was missing.

Her friends working in corporate roles saw how she was coaching fellow models to walk confidently and realized they, too, needed help to assert themselves in their work environment.

"And it sort of clicked with me," she said in a recent conversation with Business Insider, adding that "developing a presence" was just as important as the practical skills she was teaching her coaching clients.

Kuznetcova told BI: "The less you do, the more confident you look. That's the secret."

Now, Kuznetcova's school, Elegance NY, has garnered millions of views on TikTok. She told BI she was beginning to host Zoom classes for those who weren't local.

Her most viral TikTok shows the dos and don'ts of walking in heels.

She says her classes are aimed to help women feel more confident through tweaks to their movement and posture.

Each class is two hours long, and Kuznetcova's biggest class has 12 students.

Kuznetcova shared four easy changes to help you appear more confident:

It's all in the eyes

First impressions count, Kuznetcova says. If you're meeting someone for the first time, either in a romantic setting or for a career opportunity, this starts as soon as you enter a room.

"If the moment we enter, we start looking around from one person to another, it instantly shows that we are not sure," she said.

Her advice is to keep your head as still as possible. This slows your movements down and makes you appear more confident, she says.

When you're in conversation with someone, it's also important to maintain eye contact. If not, it can signal to the other person that you're unsure of yourself, she says.

The rule of three

Kuznetcova has a rule of three when it comes to looking engaged with the person you're speaking to.

"You have to make sure that your head, your torso, and your feet look at this person," she said.

She gave the example of a romantic setting. If your date turns their feet and body away from you, it subconsciously suggests they are looking to leave the conversation, she says.

This is a point she demonstrated in a recent TikTok video, and when paired with the visuals, it's clear to see what she means.

Shoulders back, chest out

Keeping good posture isn't a new trick, but Kuznetcova says it's an important one to remember.

A tip she gives is to do a classic yoga "namaste" pose by bringing your hands together like the praying emoji, but behind your back rather than at your chest.

Kuznetcova says she still does this exercise before entering a room when she needs to look poised.

Commit to it

Kuznetcova says her classes require her students to walk in heels as a tool to help them tune into their feminine energy. She says this means getting to a state of mind where you feel confident from within.

She says what actually happens when her clients wear heels is the opposite — people often slouch their shoulders because they aren't confident about being in them.

"If you put the heels on, own it — you already put them on, you're already on the street, there is no way back," she said. "Just commit to it."

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