Former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho denies he will marry two women at the same time

Ronaldinho will be marrying both of his girlfriends at the same time in an August ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. (Getty)

For Ronaldinho, one woman isn’t enough.

The Brazilian newspaper O Dia reported on Thursday that the former Brazilian soccer star is set to wed his two girlfriends — yes, two— in an August ceremony. 

The two lucky ladies? Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza. Ronaldinho started dating Coelho in 2013, and began dating Souza in 2016 while he was still involved with Coelho. The trio have reportedly been living “harmoniously” at Ronaldinho’s mansion in Rio de Janeiro since December. He reportedly gives them matching allowances every month, and buys them identical presents.

Ronaldinho retired in January, which is when he reportedly proposed to his two girlfriends, giving them both engagement rings. He’s told the Brazilian media that he’s “adept” at polygamy, which is an interesting skill to brag about. 

However, it turns out that the report about the wedding was false. On Friday, Ronaldinho categorically denied that he’s planning to wed either of his girlfriends, or even get married at all. In an interview, he told SporTV “I’m not going to get married, it is the biggest lie.” Notably, he didn’t deny that he’s dating two women — he just denied that he’s planning to marry them.

If Ronaldinho ever wants to go through with the wedding, he still could. Bigamy and polygamy are illegal in Brazil, but Ronaldinho’s case is a little different. Marrying one woman and then marrying another woman without a divorce is illegal, but marrying both at the same time in a single ceremony is not. That’s considered a three-person civil union, and they do exist in Brazil. The first one, between two women and a man, was recognized in 2012. Another was recognized in 2015, between three women who intended to raise a child together.

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