Former Banker Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw to Launch New Podcast Platform Go Cast Go Asia (GCG Asia)

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SINGAPORE/ ACCESSWIRE/ June 24, 2021 / Distinguished Malaysian ex-banker, Dato' Sri Dr. Darren Yaw announced today the establishment of a new podcast platform, Go Cast Go Asia (GCG Asia).

Go Cast Go (GCG) Asia is a podcast platform that will host and distribute, as well as produce its own content shows that will be geared towards shows using local influencers in the finance and banking industry. "Podcasts have a low barrier to entry so there's ample opportunities to develop, nurture and cater to passionate creators and audiences interested in every subject that interests them, and connect those people to capital, investments and advertisers," explained Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw of Go Cast Go Asia (GCG Asia).

Dato' Sri Dr. Darren Yaw's illustrious career in banking culminated as Chairman of boutique private bank Global Crystal Growth (GCG) Bank from 2008 until 2017. He co-founded the organization with his partner, Steven Yong, back in 2007. The pair grew GCG Bank's client base across Asia with notable high net worth clients in Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Dato' Sri Dr. Darren Yaw became interested in media platforms through engaging with clients and investors across Asia during his time in banking. Dato' Sri Dr. Darren Yaw himself will helm Go Cast Go Asia (GCG Asia)'s inaugural podcast Latest Financial News which will feature his hot takes on business, finance and markets in Asia. He will be talking about the latest industry news from around the region, as well as personal finance topics.

"I feel like I have a lot to get off my chest. Although it's a new field for me, I'm excited to begin this new chapter and enjoy the experience," said Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw. He is determined to educate the younger generations with his extensive knowledge about successful financial skills. "I hope my podcast helps people to learn the value of savings and investing, even risk taking and entrepreneurship. I will also have weekly guests to join me, mostly friends from the banking and finance world who will also share their thoughts," Dato' Sri Dr. Darren Yaw said.

Dato' Sri Dr. Darren Yaw also announced other podcast shows slated to launch that will feature hosts of industry leaders and media personalities in the Asian finance and news media landscape on a range of subjects including leadership, management, entrepreneurship, personal finance, investing, technology and trends, and innovation.

"Podcasting is experiencing a surge in popularity in a big way across the world, and I believe Asia is no different. The medium here isn't as mature as the West, so there's plenty of room to grow and evolve. It's an exciting medium. I'm hopeful Go Cast Go (GCG Asia) can succeed," Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw of Go Cast Go Asia (GCG Asia) said.

Go Cast Go (GCG Asia)'s podcast platform business will also expand to audio and technology applications and into content such as audiobooks, audio production, live audio content and other applications. "Audio is back in a big way, and I think this trend is going to stay. Go Cast Go (GCG) Asia is well positioned to grab the opportunity to attract creators and influencers, who will see the medium as another avenue to expand their influence and capture and engage audiences," said Dato' Sri Dr. Darren Yaw.

Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw explained that for now, Go Cast Go's (GCG Asia) platform is targeting shows in English and Mandarin to cater to local audiences and tastes. While content at launch will skew towards finance and business, Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw has plans to expand to other broad categories such as lifestyle and entertainment. The ability to attract advertisers is key as well as exploring other business models such as subscriptions and premium content offerings.

"We are building a strong data analytics backbone to our platform to facilitate better advertising performance and targeting. We want to match audiences, creators and advertisers so each element of that trio gets the best out of our platform. This is where Go Cast Go Asia (GCG Asia) can excel and offer a difference," said Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw.

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Go Cast Go Asia (GCG Asia) is a soon-to-launch podcast platform for Asian business and finance news.

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