Ford put a 760hp Mustang Shelby 500GT engine into Jay Leno's '68 Bronco and it's glorious

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Craig Ferguson was on Jay Leno’s Garage Wednesday, where he got to see what happened to the gift he left Leno on his last day on The Tonight Show. Ferguson had his non-running and dilapidated 1968 Ford Bronco left in Leno’s parking spot, but it was Leno who got the last laugh.

With a new 2020 Bronco set to debut for the first time since it was discontinued in 1996, the folks over at Ford thought it’d be fun to restore and modify Leno’s 52-year-old truck as a way of promoting the nameplate. And they didn’t just use any engine, they modified an aluminum supercharged 5.2-liter V8 engine found in the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500, which happens to be Ford’s most powerful engine ever built.

To make the truck drivable Ford installed a custom chassis by Kincer and TR-4050 5-speed Silver Sport transmission by TREMEC along with a Quickdraw bellhousing and STX shifter assembly, heavy-duty 4x4 drivetrain, and Wilwood disc brakes and master cylinders.

While the ultra-powerful Bronco is amazing, Leno admits there is one minor drawback. “There's no room for an air conditioner or a heater,” he said. “That engine is so big, it takes up every available space.”

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