Ford Maverick Rental Trucks Are Showing Up on U-Haul Lots

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Getting hands on a Ford Maverick is tough. Order books have been backed up for months, with many customers waiting over a year to get their trucks. I have some first-hand experience—my dad ordered a Maverick when the truck was first announced back in 2021, and after nearly a year of waiting he canceled his order. Yet somehow, Mavericks are already starting to show up on rental lots, specifically U-Haul.

This U-Haul liveried Maverick was spotted in Florida by a user on the forum. According to the company's website, you can book one right now in Miami for $19.95 a day plus fees—pretty wild considering there are countless people out there right now waiting for months for their trucks to show up.

Photo credit: U-Haul
Photo credit: U-Haul

No matter your feelings on the matter, it's easy to see why U-Haul is starting to stock Mavericks in their fleet. While they're not any cheaper per day than the larger truck offerings, their compact size and better fuel economy mean renters can fit them in more places while spending less money on gas.

If you're a current or prospective Maverick order-holder, we suggest using these U-Haul trucks as an opportunity to take an extended test drive to see if you actually like the thing before you buy. And maybe even use it to get some work done around the house.

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