Ford F-150 Lightning Starting MSRP Jumps Another $5000 Amid Supply Chain Woes

2023 ford f150 lightning
Ford Increases F-150 Lightning MSRP by $5000Brian Silvestro

Ford said Wednesday it plans to increase the Ford F-150 Lightning's MSRP by $5000 across the lineup for the 2023 model year, citing rising materials costs and supply chain disruptions, CNBC reports.

The news comes less than two months following a previous announcement from the Blue Oval regarding massive price increases for the all-electric pickup. The base-model 2023 Lightning Pro work truck will now start at $51,974—over 10 percent than previously planned and 30 percent higher than the 2022 model, which started at a more reasonable $39,974.

Ford told CNBC in a statement it's adjusting the price “due to ongoing supply chain constraints, rising material costs and other market factors. We will continue to monitor pricing across the model year.”

On the upper end, you'll be spending at least $80,974 to get into an F-150 Lightning with an extended-range battery pack, going by Ford's configurator. The top-level Platinum trim starts at nearly $97,000, but can be optioned to over six figures.

Ford says current order holders, private, commercial, and government alike will be unaffected by the price increase. So if you already have a Lightning on the way, you're safe from the up-charge.

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