Food TikTok has a new boyfriend who infuses romance into every dish: 'Will he reply?'

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This TikTok food bae infuses sensuality into every recipe he cooks!

TikToker Andy Nguyen (@soundsyum) is a chef who, according to his bio, likes to live romantically through cooking. This sentiment couldn’t be more evident in Nguyen’s videos, which feature “subtle food messages” and delicious dishes prepared so sensuously they’ll make your cheeks blush and your mouth water at the same time.

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For instance, Nguyen takes us on a journey with some spicy tuna bonbons. The slow-motion footage of Nguyen slicing into thick tuna and avocado, then giving it a stroke, makes food prep look like a euphoric experience. 

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You’ll also want to passionately cradle an egg after watching this video about making a white chocolate matcha ganache rose soufflé. Watching the matcha drizzle over the perfectly puffy soufflé is hypnotic. 

Nguyen’s masterful editing really comes into play in this video for avocado and smoked salmon Benedict toast. The clip begins with a shot of the finished toast. Nguyen cuts into the buttery soft egg, and yolk oozes everywhere. He then places the meal on a tray for the perfect breakfast-in-bed spread complete with fresh orange juice. 

“Hey, I made you breakfast,” Nguyen says after knocking on the bedroom door. In a move smoother than silk, he opens the door to reveal not a person, but footage of the recipe

Nguyen’s videos are truly a sensory experience. Beautifully shot slow-motion clips featuring each step in the recipe are briefly shown between quick cuts, leaving the viewer wanting more. 

Falling hard

Viewers are falling hard for Nguyen’s talent in the kitchen and on camera. 

“Will he reply?” joked one user, to which Nguyen responded, “hey there.” 

“I’d be a morning person for you,” one viewer teased. 

“I’m so single that I watch these, then make them for myself,” said one user. 

Nguyen’s recipe videos feature many great ideas for both a date night with yourself or another person, whatever your relationship status may be. 

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