Food podcast: Meet the ‘phallic fruit’ influencer, plus Cuban sandwich origins, Miami Spice

Matias Ocner/

Rane Roatta’s Miami Fruit farm figured out early on if it posted videos of the phallic-looking rare exotic fruit it grows in Redland, the videos would go viral.

That made Miami Fruit a sort of fruit influencer on TikTok and Instagram. On the Aug. 11 episode of La Ventanita, the weekly Miami Herald food podcast, we talk to Roatta. And with my co-host Amy Reyes off, I share the mic with my colleague Alex Harris, the Miami Herald environmental writer who is a Miami Fruit super fan.

We’ll talk to Roatta about how he and Edelle Schlegel, his partner in life who handles all the viral social media, combined farming and social media to create such a success.

We’ll also discuss food topics in the news, such as:

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