FOMO3D/P3D Releases New Game: FOMO3D Short

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New game to feature prominently in P3D ecosystem

Boston, MA, Nov. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) With the timer consistently within the less-than six hours range, FOMO3D—the infamous cryptocurrency game now available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)—has entered into the late stage. In honor of this landmark point, and to commemorate the pot’s value surpassing 500 BNB ($311,000 USD), the development team charged with porting the game over to BSC have followed in the steps of the original team. On November 29th, the team behind FOMO3D/P3D, will release “FOMO3D Short.”

This version of the game follows similar mechanics as regular FOMO3D: the last person to purchase a key collects the pot; however, in FOMO3D Short, the price per key scales dramatically with each purchase, and a shorter timer of 30 minutes turns what is normally a months-long game into a wild scrum for the pot.

A Week of Benchmarks

The release of FOMO3D Short comes in conjunction with the project’s recently touted perfect audit score by BlockMasters, which the development team believes will encourage a new round of investment. In addition, the release of FOMO3D Short is the next step in the project’s multifaceted cryptocurrency ecosystem, wherein holders of the P3D tokens will receive dividends for holding the token through rounds of FOMO3D Short, as they are awarded portions of the pot from each round.

“We’re really excited to be rewarding those who have been holding onto the token from the start,” said the project’s marketing developer, ‘Captain.’ “Combining the release of the of FOMO3D Short with our affiliate programs for influencers, and upcoming listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, we believe that those who have served as the backbone of our ecosystem will be happy with their investments.”

Blazing New Trails

But beyond revamping the ideas from previous developers, this new team has plans to go even further. “We’ve been exploring major industry trends at the moment—Squid Games and NFTs, in particular—and we’re thrilled to be able to integrate them into the FOMO3D/P3D ecosystem, we think they could present opportunities to be real game-changers.”

Currently, P3D is available on PancakeSwap and Rubic Exchange, keys for FOMO3D are available on the website and can be purchased through MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

To connect with the team behind Fomo3D and P3D, follow their Twitter, or join them on Telegram.

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