Flying out of Blue Grass Airport this week? Why you should plan to get there extra early.

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Passengers flying out of Blue Grass Airport should plan to arrive two to three hours early, at least for the next few days.

The Transportation Security Administration usually operates three machines for scanning passengers’ carry-on bags at the airport, but as of Tuesday, Blue Grass is down to just one, said TSA regional spokesman Mark Howell.

Howell said wait times to get through security at Lexington’s airport peaked at about an hour Tuesday morning but were not so long during less busy periods of the day.

Aside from arriving early, Howell asked passengers who are able to check their bags to do so.

“That’ll help us by reducing the number of bags at the checkpoint,” he said.

He said passengers should also keep everything they can inside their bags when they get to the checkpoint, and any loose items such as belts or glasses should be secured before they go on the conveyor.

Howell said TSA recently installed two new CT scanners at the airport, and both broke down Tuesday morning. He said an older x-ray scanner at the airport is working.

“We don’t have an estimate of when they’re going to be back up,” he said Tuesday evening.

In some airports with the newer scanners, loose items have caused breakdowns, WKYT reported.

Blue Grass Airport posted a statement on social media Tuesday, encouraging passengers to go to the airport at least two hours before their flights are scheduled to leave.

“New security screening equipment has recently been installed at the TSA security checkpoint,” the post stated. “If you’re flying out of Blue Grass Airport soon, please plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure time for your flight.”

“Err on the side of caution,” Howell advised.

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