Flyer promoting a ‘slave sale’ with prices and racial slurs found near Aledo schools

Brian Lopez
·2 min read

A week after students in Aledo targeted classmates with a “slave auction” on social media, Aledo residents found flyers with the words “Great Sale of Slaves” on Monday.

The flyer lists “slaves” are up for sale and includes a description and price along with racial slurs. The date for “sale” was depicted as Tuesday. The flyer was sent to the Star-Telegram, and several Aledo residents have since spotted the flyers and contacted authorities.

CW, TW - racism.

The Aledo Independent School District Police Department is handling the case and at this point, they don’t know who is responsible or if the flyer originated in Aledo, an Aledo ISD spokesperson said. Police are looking at camera footage near the neighborhood and shools.

“This type of material is absolutely inappropriate, unacceptable and wrong,” the spokesperson said.

James Gray on Facebook said the flyers were found scattered on the ground in the Parks of Aledo neighborhood and around Aledo High School and McAnally Elementary. Traci Parsons of Aledo wrote that she is sad children have had to see the flyer.

“I’m disgusted,” Parsons said. “I don’t know which group is responsible for this but I’m mad as hell.”

The incident comes a week after Aledo ISD students were disciplined based on a slave auction they set up on social media to pretend to sell their Black classmates

A screenshot provided to the Star-Telegram showed a Snapchat group with various names, including “Slave Trade” and another name that includes a racial slur. One person typed they would spend $1 on a peer, and another person wrote in the chat they would pay $100 for someone else.