Florida Student's Petition to Move Super Bowl 2022 to Saturday Gets Over 100,000 Signatures

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Joe Biden Welcomes Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Joe Biden Welcomes Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Super Bowl ... Saturday? That's what one high school student is hoping to achieve with a petition to move the NFL game from its traditional spot on Sunday.

Frank Ruggeri of Palm Bay, Florida, has received more than 101,000 signatures since launching a Change.org petition to have the 2022 Super Bowl moved up a day.

By moving one of the most-watched televised events of the year to a Saturday, Ruggeri believes NFL fans will benefit from having one more day out of the weekend to recover after the big game.

Ruggeri's petition signers also couldn't agree more.

"It's about freakin time NFL did this, if they cant move to Saturday, at least make kickoff earlier," Scott Bodnar of Virginia wrote on the page.

"I'm tired of being exhausted after enjoying what are essentially national events," added Grant Freeman of Atlanta.

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According to CNN, there is a reason why the Super Bowl lands on a Sunday. The Sports Broadcasting Act, passed in 1961, set the NFL's broadcasting days to Sundays to protect college and high school football games, which typically are played on Friday and Saturday.

But with the college football season ending weeks before the start of the Super Bowl, the NFL should technically be free to move the game if they choose to do.

"It will get more money and get more visitors to the game," Ruggeri, 18, argued in his petition, which he started two years ago. "NFL will get more television views because most government jobs have Sunday off. It will let more children enjoy their beloved game on TV or at venue. Most of the football playoff games are on Saturday anyway."

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A January 2020 survey by fantasy sports company DraftKings found that nearly half of American sports fans would give up one of their work holidays to have the day after the Super Bowl free, according to the Associated Press.

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Around 45 percent of respondents said they are more likely to take the Monday after the Super Bowl off if their preferred team wins.

As of now, there are still fanbases of four teams waiting to see who will go to Los Angeles for Super Bowl 56.

Next weekend, the Los Angeles Rams will face the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC championship, while the Kansas City Chiefs will go against the Cincinnati Bengals to crown a champion in the AFC.

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