A Florida man was seen driving his lawn mower to 7-Eleven. (Do not attempt.)

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We know the various ways to get around in Florida besides your souped-up sports car. There’s Uber, scooter, even walking.

But a lawn mower?

This is what a passerby in Lehigh Acres recently saw: A man motoring to 7-Eleven on a lawn mower on State Road 82. The photo was sent to local station NBC 2.

Neighbors told the TV station that the man, whose identity was not revealed, does this often for “fun.”

Whatever the reason, driving a lawn mower on public roads is illegal. A motor vehicle requires the proper lights, turn signals, registration and a license plate. Lawn mowers don’t have any of that.

Also: Lawn mowers can only go up to 5 mph, not exactly keeping up with the traffic flow on a state road.

Florida man driving lawn mower charged with DUI after hitting a police car, cops say

That doesn’t mean people in Florida don’t cut the grass and then cut into traffic.

Last August, dashcam footage from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office showed a Florida man getting pulled over on his lawn mower, which was weaving on a highway. Paul Burke, of Fort McCoy, was booked on a DUI charge.

“Driving a lawnmower in the middle of the road where the speed limit is 55 mph is dangerous and illegal … add being drunk into the mix, it can become fatal,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook.

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