Florida cops visited a convicted felon’s home. Then they checked his stash of ‘candy’

A man was arrested this week after his sneaky drug stash at his house was discovered, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

A Facebook release says deputies responded to a home Tuesday in Spring Hills, outside Ocala, that had been under investigation since March for possible illegal activity.

When the 23-year-old resident, a convicted felon, opened the door, they were greeted with an “overwhelming smell of marijuana.”

The suspect admitted that there was indeed marijuana there, but that he wasn’t running a “grow house,” or a property used dedicated to producing cannabis and other narcotics. He also claimed to have a roommate, but “detectives found no evidence to suggest a roommate existed.”

A search of the premises revealed what appeared at first to be popular candy bars, but with different names, such as Kush Kat, Milky Weed and Almond Weed as well as “Skittlez (Medicated).”

“Many of the drug items were packaged in a way to represent common everyday candy items, similar to the way they would appear in a retail store,” authorities said.

In total, 24.3 pounds of marijuana, 10 ounces of powder cocaine, 84 Xanax pills and 90.3 pounds of hashish were uncovered.

In addition, deputies found two firearms (one loaded), drug paraphernalia and a large sum of cash.

The suspect was slapped with multiple charges including trafficking and possession by a convicted felon, and held on no bond.