Florence Pugh Says Anyone Upset By Her See-Through Pink Valentino Gown Is “Scared” of “Freedom”

"We need to keep reminding everybody that there is more than one reason for women’s bodies [to exist].”

Florence Pugh is getting candid about how the backlash she received from her now-iconic pink nipple-baring dress last summer actually had nothing to do with her gown and everything to do with trolls’ perception of “the human body.”

In a new interview with Elle U.K. for its Style Awards, the actress opened up about how she reacted to the hate shortly after attending the Valentino couture show in July 2022 — and why she continues to remain unbothered by it today.



“​​When everything went down with the Valentino pink dress a year ago, my nipples were on display through a piece of fabric, and it really wound people up,” Pugh told the publication. “It’s the freedom that people are scared of; the fact I’m comfortable and happy.”

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She added that the massive wave of hate she received only further proved that people are still “terrified of the human body.”

“Keeping women down by commenting on their bodies has worked for a very long time. I think we’re in this swing now where lots of people are saying, ‘I don’t give a shit,’” she shared. “Unfortunately, we’ve become so terrified of the human body that we can’t even look at my two little cute nipples behind fabric in a way that isn’t sexual. We need to keep reminding everybody that there is more than one reason for women’s bodies [to exist].”

Elsewhere in the interview, the actress also spoke about the importance of embracing all parts of her body (not just her nipples), and how she’s managed to become more confident on red carpets thanks to the clothes she wears.

“I speak the way I do about my body because I’m not trying to hide the cellulite on my thigh or the squidge in between my arm and my boob: I would much rather lay it all out,” Florence said, later adding, “When I first started doing red carpets, it was really tough. It takes ages to feel comfortable with 50 men all shouting, ‘Picture, over here!’”

Pugh continued, “I’ve become more confident in the last few years. I think that’s hugely linked to the clothes I’ve been wearing. The more you can enjoy it, the more [people] can see that you’re enjoying it.”

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