Flies cause inspectors to shut down parts of a Hialeah bakery and a kosher bakery

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Flies and a “mold-like substance” on a water hose helped a Hialeah wholesale bakery fail inspection days before flies and “old food debris” got a Hallandale Beach kosher wholesale bakery essentially shut down.

Stop Use Orders hit Hallandale Beach’s Chef Ness Bakery, which passed a re-inspection Tuesday, and Hialeah’s The Ultra Ssnacks Industries after Florida Dept. of Agriculture inspections earlier this month.

Unlike restaurant inspections by the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation, a failed inspection doesn’t mean a closed business. But if they find vermin or contamination in enough areas, Dept. of Agriculture inspectors can put Stop Use Orders on enough parts of a business that staying open isn’t an option.

Chef Ness Bakery, 470 Ansin Blvd., Hallandale Beach: Inspector Shauna-Gaye Cox dropped a Stop Use Order on all food processing areas after the Jan. 13 inspection.

Cox saw “multiple live flies” flying around a food prep table and behind a reach-in refrigerator. Basic cleanliness seemed to be a problem, also.

“Old food debris was observed on the floors, on the shelves, on the food prep tables, on the dough mixers, on the dough sheeter machine, on the dough shaping machine, on the lids of plastic containers, on plastic containers, in the microwaves, on the floors of the walk-in refrigerators, on the panels inside of the oven, on the stoves and on the metal baking pans in the kitchen.”

She also noted that some men processing dough were doing so without hair restraints.

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The Ultra Ssnacks Industries, 618 W. 27th St., Hialeah: Inspector Pablo Vaquer put a Stop Use Order on the depositor conveyor belt unit after spotting 15 flies hanging out on it during his Jan. 7 inspection. He also counted 20 flies sitting on guava paste boxes in dry storage.

Vaquer also noticed the “nozzle in the warewash sink soiled with old food residue in the handle and with a mold-like substance near the water exit.”

The processing area handwash sinks lacked hand sanitizer and one of the sinks was not only in “disrepair” but also blocked by a table.

Two mixing bowls of batter sat uncovered in the walk-in cooler.

A passed re-inspection hasn’t been posted.

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