Flato still seeking approvals for its land west of Shelburne

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Details of a proposed development by Flato on the west side of Shelburne were outlined at Dufferin County council on Oct. 14.

The application is being developed at the same time as the company is asking the County to expand Shelburne’s “settlement area” to include the 38-acre property.

The land is within the Town of Shelburne and the town has already indicated that it is looking to grow on the west side.

Flato Developments is behind most of the housing growth in neighbouring Dundalk. While that’s mostly residential, there is also an ‘adult lifestyle’ apartment building and zoning for a commercial plaza.

Katarzyna Sliwa of Dentons law firm and Mojgan Rasouli and Emma West from Bousfields Inc., delegated to Council regarding the Phase 1 Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision application on the land owned by Flato Developments.

The first phase is about two to three hectares, to be used for a seniors apartment and a commercial plaza. There are four phases planned altogether.

The applications for zoning and offical plan amendments were submitted in March, 2021, the presenters said.

They were deemed complete in July. Comments from the municipal planner were sent to Flato’s representatives on Sept. 24, who are working on the responses.

Dufferin County is being asked to include the property in the town’s boundary.

Modifications to the settlement area are allowed by provincial policy in advance of the municipal review process. This would speed the process of the seniors housing, Ms Sliwa said.

She said that a municipal environmental assessment is under way by the Town of Shelburne and the servicing capacity study has been accepted.

Shelburne Deputy-Mayor Steve Anderson spoke up to say that seniors in Shelburne who have few options within their town when they want to downsize from their house.

He said that what struck him when he attended a recent ribbon-cutting for the adult lifestyle community in Dundalk was how supportive the elected officials were, and also that there were people who would be moving to Dundalk from Shelburne.

He said that he hopes that the process in Dufferin will move along without delays.


Another development on the west side of Shelburne also delegated to county council on Oct. 14 about the review.

The 43-acre parcel is west of Maple Court and north of the Rail Trail.

David Milano, Bousfields Inc., Emma West, Bousfields Inc., and Armando Lopes, from land owners DiPoce Management Ltd., spoke on their request that the Municipal Comprehensive Review include their lands.

Shelburne has an amendment for the lands on the west side, pending the completion of its servicing review, Mr. Milano said.

The land is in the Town but not the settlement area, Ms West added.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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