FIU’s President Mark Rosenberg suddenly resigns, leaving questions in his wake | Editorial

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Florida International University President Mark Rosenberg abruptly resigned Friday after 12 years. He issued a statement saying it was because of health issues, his and those of his wife.

“It is with a sense of accomplishment and sadness that I share with you that I will be resigning as President of FIU effective Jan. 21, 2022. I am stepping back so that I may give full attention to recurring personal health issues and to the deteriorating health of my wife, Rosalie.” Rosenberg wrote.

Rosenberg’s resignation came during an emergency virtual meeting of FIU’s Board of Trustees. Dean Colson, the chair of the FIU Board, said.

The suddenness of Rosenberg’s resignation on a Friday gave us pause. Had he been pushed out? Is there something else behind this resignation? The community deserves to know.

In any case, his departure led us to ask — because, well, it’s Florida — who in Tallahassee wants to be a university president? Who wants to have a big role in education in Republican politics? How wants to overhaul education in Florida? Did Gov. Ron DeSantis play a role in this changing of the guard?

Clashes over policy between local education leaders and state leaders likely played a role in University of Florida President Kent Fuchs’ decision to step down — he’ll leave next year — and in Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho’s departure to Los Angeles. The University of North Florida and the University of South Florida are also looking for presidents.

Is this a cleaning house of Florida educational leaders? We’re beginning to wonder

Rosenberg, 76, had been in the midst of celebrating the university’s 50th anniversary. The Miami Herald dedicated its front page to the anniversary this week.

“This university is unstoppable; this university is destined to be a top 50 public university in the country,” Rosenberg said in a video, not sounding like someone about to resign.

Still, we know that life comes at us fast. We wish this committed leader the very best.

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