Fisher-Price Reinvents the Rotary Dial 'Chatter Telephone' for Adults — and It Has Bluetooth!

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chatter telephone
chatter telephone

Mattel Inc. The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

Ring, ring — your childhood is calling!

On Tuesday, Fisher-Price unveiled its newest project: the relaunch of its Chatter Telephone.

In honor of the iconic toy's 60th anniversary, the brand is selling the fully functional telephone for adults at Best Buy, just in time for the holiday season.

Available for a limited time, the phone comes with all the features that you grew to love as a kid, including the rainbow spinning dial, the upbeat ringtones and the eyes that move up and down as you pull it along.

But that's not all. Since the people who grew up with the phone are now adults, the Chatter Telephone can be also paired with any working cell phone through a Bluetooth connection.

chatter telephone
chatter telephone

Mattel Inc. Fisher-Price's Chatter Telephone

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"Your first mobile phone is now a real phone," Fisher-Price says. "Once connected, your Chatter Telephone will be fully activated — routing outgoing calls via rotary dial and incoming calls via handheld 'pickup.'"

"No swiping, or scrolling required. Bonus: reduction in screentime very likely," they add.

For those who prefer to multi-task, Fisher-Price says the telephone can be put on speakerphone.

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Consumers can also test their memory by dialing phone numbers manually instead of simply hitting their contact to make a call or send a message.

"An ode to life before text messages — a.k.a the golden age of phone calls, both pretend and IRL [in real life] — Fisher-Price stays true to the iconic design nodding to the nostalgia of your very first pretend dials," the company says.

The phone is now available to purchase on for $60.00, while supplies last.

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