First trailer for Wes Anderson's Asteroid City is here

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maya hawke, asteroid city
First trailer for Maya Hawke's new movie is hereUniversal

The first trailer for Wes Anderson's Asteroid City is here, promising blossoming romance and extraterrestrial encounters. Asteroid City features a star-studded cast that includes Scarlett Johansson, Maya Hawke, Tom Hanks and more.

Set in a fictional American town during the 1950s, the film sees Jason Schwartzman's character, a widower with four children, stranded in the desert settlement during Asteroid Day.

Asteroid Day is a junior stargazing convention for students, parents and the military alike. It takes place each year on June 30 and marks the anniversary of the Tunguska event of 1908, when a meteor explosion flattened forested land in Russia.

However, this year's convention takes an unexpected turn when aliens are sighted, forcing the townspeople and any visitors into a strict lockdown.

jake ryan, jason schwartzman, tom hanks, asteroid city

Asteroid City is a quirky desert suburb filled with pastel colours, kitschy diners and futuristic space equipment. The trailer teases that the townspeople must begrudgingly get to grips with being shut off from the outside world.

As the locals are left questioning the meaning of life, the enforced isolation sees Schwartzman's character form a new relationship as he grows close to his new neighbour, played by Scarlett Johansson.

Asteroid City marks the first Wes Anderson movie for Tom Hanks, who plays an aloof father-in-law who finds himself stuck in the town after coming to rescue his family.

"In my loneliness, I learned to give complete and unquestioning faith to the people I love," he tells his son-in-law, Schwartzman's character, in one scene in the trailer.

"I don't know if that includes you, but it included my daughter and your four children," he adds, suggesting there will be time for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Hawke plays a character who appears to be a teacher. She's seen in the trailer giving a presentation on the solar system.

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scarlett johansson, asteroid city

Alongside Schwartzman, Johansson, Hawke and Hanks, Asteroid City boasts an A-list ensemble cast including Margot Robbie, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Steve Carell and many others.

Anderson also serves as director, writer and producer. He's joined by Roman Coppola as a fellow screenwriter and Steven Rales and Jeremy Dawson as co-producers.

Asteroid City will arrive in US cinemas for a limited run on June 16 before being released in cinemas internationally starting on June 23.

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