First trailer for Nicolas Cage's critically-acclaimed new movie Dream Scenario

nicolas cage, dream scenario
First trailer for Nicolas Cage's acclaimed movieA24

The first trailer for Nicolas Cage's acclaimed new comedy Dream Scenario has been released.

The new movie comes from writer/director Kristoffer Borgli and counts Beau Is Afraid's Ari Aster as a producer, while Barbie's Michael Cera is among the cast.

Dream Scenario follows Cage's character Paul Matthews, a professor who finds overnight fame after mysteriously appearing in everyone's dreams.

nicolas cage, dream scenario

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The first clip gives a taste of what's to come, as "remarkable nobody" Paul is approached by people when they realise they've been seeing him in their sleep.

"Why me? I don't know… I'm special I guess," Paul admits during a video interview, though things start to take a more nightmarish turn as Paul is warned fame comes with "some less desirable effects".

Dream Scenario has already garnered an impressive 85% Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, with particular praise going to Cage's performance.

nicolas cage miachael cera, dream scenario

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The Hollywood Reporter called his turn "pure comedy gold", adding that the movie is "gleefully dark social satire, which savagely skewers our click-driven world of insta-celebrities and cancel-culture righteousness".

Variety suggested the performance is among Cage's best, adding that "the whole film could be [Borgli's] take on social media – the way viral celebrities and memes invade the minds of millions of people at once, amusing us for a time, only to be rejected and potentially even reviled when their 15 minutes are up.

"In an uncommonly low-key performance, Cage humanizes that experience and gives us much to think about," they add.

nicolas cage and julianne nicholson, dream scenario

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The Guardian added that "Borgli dexterously skewers a callous culture that cultivates, digests, and disposes of its novelty acts with the blazing-fast speed of a good WiFi connection", while IndieWire said the movie is "simply the best absurdist comedy of its kind since Anomalisa".

TheWrap argued that "although its internal logic and messaging are at times muddled and not fully formed, Dream Scenario still proves immensely entertaining," adding that Cage's performance "is another one that cements his legend with movie buffs".

Dream Scenario is set for release in US cinemas on November 10. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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