First Pictures of Black Panther on 'Captain America: Civil War' Set

Gwynne Watkins

Concept art for Black Panther, released last November (Marvel)

Black Panther is clawing his way into the Marvel movie universe. Photos from the set of Captain America: Civil War hint at the new look being sported by the iconic superhero, who will make his big-screen debut in next year’s film before getting a solo movie in 2018. The character is played by Chadwick Boseman (Get On Up, 42), but in these paparazzi shots taken at Berlin’s ICC Messedamm, its unclear whether the actor or his stunt double is in play. Nevertheless, the pictures offer fans a first glimpse at the African-born warrior genius in action.

Black Panther scales a building during a shoot for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Splash News)

Black Panther seen on location in Berlin, Germany (Andreas Meyer via Instagram)

The Black Panther costume in the photos appears to be a more streamlined, stunt-ready version of the outfit shown in concept art released by Marvel last October. With his head-to-toe black ensemble and metal details (note the spikes on the collar and elbows), the Black Panther in that painting hews closely to the character’s look from the comics, minus the occasional cape.

The characters Black Panther and Bucky Barnes walk on a rooftop during a scene from ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Andreas Meyer via Instagram)

Also visible in the photos is a roof-climbing stunt double for Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan. Another picture shows Captain America himself, Chris Evans, hanging out on set in Steve Rogers’ leather jacket — though as photos published by show, his stunt double was also on hand for the gravity-defying action sequence.

Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, on the ‘Civil War’ set (Andreas Meyer via Instagram)

The sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the predecessor to the two-part Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War will feature many of the Marvel movie universe’s established heroes, including the Avengers and Ant-Man. Not only does the film mark the debut of Black Panther, but it features the new Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland. The movie will open on May 6, 2016.