Firing a pregnant worker will cost a Miami Presidente store $75,000, settlement says

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit that claimed management at a Miami Presidente fired a woman because she was pregnant ended with an April settlement of $75,000.

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Officially, Presidente doesn’t admit the store or its managers wronged Yesenia Pimentel in February 2018. The EEOC lawsuit filed on behalf of Pimentel claimed she had worked in the cafeteria at the Allapattah location, 3001 NW 17th Ave., for a month when management found out she was pregnant.

Within two days, the lawsuit said, Pimental had been fired after just a month of employment and the store refused to consider her re-application that August.

But, also officially, the store is paying $75,000 to Pimentel and enters a settlement that requires, among other things, explicit statement and implementation that pregnancy can’t be considered in hiring or firing; that pregnancy discrimination is a form of prohibited sex discrimination; and a store requirement that anyone with hiring authority go through three hours of live training on sex discrimination from an outside expert.

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