Strangled woman found dead in flaming metal drum, Nevada cops say. Husband arrested

A 43-year-old was arrested after firefighters found his dead wife in a metal drum, Nevada police and news outlets reported.

Freddie Wright was arrested on charges of arson, murder and destroying evidence, according to a Nov. 27 Facebook post by the Henderson Police Department.

Fire personnel and officers were called Nov. 21 on reports of a fire, police said.

After getting to the scene, officials found a metal drum on fire, police said. After extinguishing the fire, they found a dead woman inside, later identified as Janell Bowen, police told KSNV.

The autopsy showed Bowen had “strangle marks on her neck, bruises on her upper back, three fractured ribs, and evidence of sexual assault,” officials told KTNV.

Wright told police after Bowen revealed “she did have a relationship with someone that Wright knew” he “snapped” and “blacked out,” eventually strangling her, officials told KTNV.

He took her body outside and left it there for days before putting her into a drum and setting her on fire, police told KSNV.

Wright is being held at Henderson Detention Center without bail before his court appearance Nov. 30, KSNV reported.

Henderson is about 20 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

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