Fired construction worker threatens to kill ex-boss, feds say. ‘Better read the Bible’

An Alabama construction worker threatened to kill his ex-boss in messages such as “End of story roll your credit” after he was fired, federal officials said.

Now the Mobile man was recently convicted on a charge of transmitting an interstate threat to injure, the U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of Alabama said in a Nov. 28 news release.

He could face up to five years in prison.

McClatchy News could not immediately reach his attorneys for comment Nov. 30.

The man was fired from his job in April after he was accused of several incidents, including “leaving several profanity-laden voicemails for his employer’s human resource manager,” federal officials said in a trial brief.

After the construction worker lost his job, federal officials said his supervisor in Mississippi received a series of texts in May threatening his life.

“At the end of the day I promise you I will have your life in my hands,” one message reads, according to federal officials. “You better read the Bible god bless me to kill people like you I promise facts.”

Officials said the man told his former boss he knew where he went every morning and would just show up one day.

“You will die soon hopefully your will ready,” he wrote, according to officials. “I will let me actions speak louder than words.”

The supervisor notified higher-ups, getting local law enforcement and the FBI involved, officials said.

When the FBI interviewed the ex-employee, officials said he denied sending the messages.

T-Mobile records showed his phone was used to send the messages to his former boss, according to officials.

During the trial, the former boss and others at the construction company “testified about precautions taken after (the man) transmitted the threats and the fear his actions caused,” according to the news release.

He will be sentenced in March 2024, officials said.

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