Finnish volunteers take part in military drills

STORY: The drills were organized by the National Defence Training Association of Finland (MPK), near Pieksamaki.

At the MPK Pieksamaki training range, head instructor Jehki Kimonen runs national defence training association courses, which teach military skills, preparedness and security training to volunteer soldiers.

Kimonen believes the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, involving Finland’s neighbor Russia, has led to more people attending courses at his training range.

Pasi Pulkkinen, a volunteer taking part in a military drills course at the range, reaffirmed the notion that the conflict in Ukraine has brought preparedness to the forefront of Finnish people’s minds.

“At this moment I don’t feel there’s a threat against Finland but because of the situation in Ukraine, I am sure we need to be prepared for everything,” he said.

Finland and Sweden formally applied to join NATO last week, seeking to boost security following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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