Finn, Kylo, and Phasma: 'The Last Jedi' cast recommends 'Star Wars' baby names

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

After the release of the 2015 megahit Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2016 saw an uptick in babies named Finn (like John Boyega’s stormtrooper-turned-hero), Daisy (as in Ridley), and Harrison (as in Ford). Coincidence? Yeah, probably not.

Star Wars movies have been influencing names for decades (born in 1979 with the middle name Luke, I can personally attest to that), so clearly the new generation of characters from a galaxy far, far away introduced in The Force Awakens and returning this week in The Last Jedi will leave their imprint on young Padawans.

With that in mind, we asked the cast of The Last Jedi for their recommendations on which Star Wars characters’ names make the best monikers (watch above).

Daisy Ridley offered both a nostalgic pick (Lando, as in Billy Dee Williams’s original trilogy stud, Lando Calrissian) and a more questionable nod to the current films (Unkar, as in that unsightly Crolute Unkar Plutt, voiced by Simon Pegg in Force Awakens).

“I actually really like Kylo,” said saga newcomer Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Resistance mechanic Rose, in reference to Adam Driver’s brooding rogue Kylo Ren. “It’s kind of adorable, like if you don’t associate it with this character that’s supposed to be evil.”

Gwendoline Christie, Andy Serkis, and Domhnall Gleeson, meanwhile, are all in favor of Phasma, named after Christie’s towering chrome-plated captain of the First Order. “Do you think there’s any way we could make that happen?” Christie asked.

Hey, it’s better than Unkar.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now in theaters.

Watch the cast debate the virtues of the porg:

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