Fine Cannabis Goods Announces Agreement to Acquire Green Diamond Farms LLC

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NEW YORK, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Columbia Gold Corp (FCGD), operating as, is pleased to announce an agreement to acquire Green Diamond Farms LLC of southwest Michigan.

Green Diamond Farms is currently working on licensing and setting up growing facilities in different areas of the state where permitted in partnership with FCGD. Each location should gross up to $2.5 mil year 1 and $6 mil by year 2.

Along with the Green Diamond Farms acquisition, FCGD is setting up its own brand to market along with cannabis/CBD by supplying its own high-quality brands of flower and non-flower merchandise to sell in-state and nationwide. FCGD is also starting the process to produce and brand THC infused coffee along with other quality THC/CBD products. recognizes the medical benefits from THC/CBD products and will focus on assisting veterans and people with disabilities.

"Being part of a national booming industry while at the same time helping people receive quality branded THC and CBD products for medicinal and recreational use is a win-win for FCGD," Shane Jones/CEO, commented.

FCGD is currently looking at partnerships in other states where legal to expand to different areas for wholesale and retail distribution for THC/CBD and related merchandise and product.

Current legislation being passed in Congress, along with individual states' laws changing favorably for the industry, has given FCGD the opportunity for significant saturation in the national market over time.

Fine Cannabis Goods (FCGD) is a Michigan-based diversified holding company with a focus on cannabis, cannabis-related products, and services, along with lease management agreements with other state-based cannabis companies around the nation. By owning majority stakes in its subsidiary companies, FCGD seeks to maximize the value of assets and continue the mindset of growth.

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