Finally, you can watch the moment Larry David finds out he's related to Bernie Sanders

Lissa Cosgrove
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s official! Larry David and Bernie Sanders share the same DNA.

This news came to us back in July when Larry announced that he had discovered the two were cousins after filming an episode on the PBS show “Finding Your Roots.”  The show documents celebrity family trees.

The full episode finally premiered Tuesday, and the actual footage is priceless. The show’s host, Henry Louis Gates Jr., sat both Larry and Bernie down separately to go through their genetic analysis. We learned that the two are bound by shared places, and the analysis showed them both being from similar Jewish decent. The DNA test was the final straw to linking the two, and it was that evidence that matched them as relatives.

Larry David and Bernie Sanders. (Photo: Getty Images)

When Larry was told that he has a mystery cousin, he responded by cracking a joke … of course. He said, “I hope it’s a good athlete.” When he saw a picture of Bernie on the page, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star tilted his head back, laughed, and said, “What the hell!?”

Sanders had a similarly surprised reaction. “You’re kidding me?” He said as he burst out laughing. It took a few seconds for Bernie to come to terms with the news that he’s related to one of Hollywood’s favorite comedians, and he got serious and asked, “Is it true?”

“People talk to me about Larry David,” Bernie went on to say, “and I say, ‘He does a better Bernie Sanders than I do!'”

In 2015, Larry impersonated Bernie on Saturday Night Live because, let’s face it, this isn’t the first time the two have been told they have similarities. They both have white thinning hair and thick Brooklyn accents, and they are not far off in age — Larry is 70, and Bernie is 76.

The only thing that’s different now is Larry can refer to the senator as “Cousin Bernie.”

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