New Filipino store opens downtown

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People can now indulge in Filipino snacks and more bought locally.

To add to the diverse food culture in the city, a new variety store called Alika Sari Sari recently opened. Gina and Joel Santos are the owners. They offer different Filipino snacks, frozen meat and fish, fresh vegetables, drinks and juices, canned foods etc.

The Santos' have been living in Timmins for more than 17 years. Gina knows how hard it is to get Filipino snacks in Timmins and she said that's why they're opening this store.

"I have some Filipinos from Moosonee. They want me to send it to them," she said. She also said her business would be able to sell products to people who live further up north.

Gina said there is no other store in Timmins that sells any of these popular Filipino snacks. She believes "quality products for a reasonable price" will be her selling point.

"I am basically supporting my wife's idea. It was her dream," said Joel.

He has many plans for the future and is planning to add some very popular Filipino alcohol along with a food truck and takeout.

Currently, Santos and her husband are working full-time. But their parents are here in Timmins to help them with the new business. Also, Santos wants to teach her kids to run the business.

"Sometimes it's hard to drive all the way to Toronto or Ottawa, especially in the winter, and that's why it will help the community," she said.

The store is located at 136 Algonquin Blvd. E.

Jinsh Rayaroth, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,